OT 12 Small Steam Sterilizer
Right where you need it - close at hand

OT 012 Small Steam Sterilizer is used for the sterilization of unwrapped medical or dental instruments, plus material used in laboratories. Its simple design requires no connections to water or drain.

By means of easy to use N-Prime™ control system, operated sterilization cycle can be transferred to memory stick through USB port for traceability.

Time and temperature can be programmed and their values displayed. A pressure gauge informs on the chamber pressure. A pressure safety valve prevents over-pressure and heating is cut if over-pressure would result.

  • Chamber volume: 12 litres
  • Temperature range: 110°C / 140°C
  • Cubic chamber design for efficient loading
  • Reliable and accurate N-Prime™ programmable microprocessor control system
  • User friendly control panel including large bright LED displays for temperature and time
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push
  • Password protected menu to secure the operation
  • Programmable alarm limits
  • Data recording on memory stick by means of USB port up to 125 days
  • Manometer for chamber pressure
  • Safety valve against over pressure
  • Very simple operation without any water or drain connection