Centrifugation Calculator
For accurate and reproducible centrifugation

Usable with all brands and all types of centrifuge, the NÜVE Centrifugation Calculator will ensure that you apply the correct separation characteristics for the separation protocol intended.

NÜVE Centrifugation Calculator

The most common error is to apply the same speed in one centrifuge or rotor as is used in a different centrifuge or rotor. Because the separating force (Relative Centrifugal Force or 'g' force) is directly related to radius, spinning samples in a rotor with a 10% larger radius will apply 10% more separating force and so on.

You can use the NÜVE Centrifugation Calculator to:

- Calculate speed, radius or RCF
- Find out what speed to use to apply a given RCF in a protocol
- See what RCF you are applying if using the same speed in a different centrifuge or rotor
- and achieve exactly the correct centrifugation conditions